Heimplanet Fistral Cairo Camo Inflatable Tent

This item is unfortunately no longer available.
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FISTRAL is our new compact 1-2 person tent. Its easy and intuitive handling makes FISTRAL become... more

FISTRAL is our new compact 1-2 person tent. Its easy and intuitive handling makes FISTRAL become your ideal companion for every trip. Assembling of parts is unnecessary. Inner tent, fly sheet and the inflatable frame IDG work as a union and enable a very quick and uncomplicated set-up (inflation): just unpack it and inflate it - welcome home! Two entrances with vestibules gives you lots of space for cooking or storage. There is also the option to roll up the entrance fabric on both sides to get a beautiful panorama view from inside. The inner tent is made from no-see-um mesh and offers some storage pockets. FISTRAL offers two ventilation openings at the fly sheet. The entrance of the fly sheet can be opened/closed variably by two-way zippers from inside and therefore can regulate the ventilation. Please note that the pump is not included in the delivery scope of the product 'FISTRAL' (some prefer a small and light pump, others prefer a bigger pump to inflate faster and some like to use their own existing pump).

- Intuitive and extremely fast pitching (roll out, inflate, finished)
- Simultaneous erection of air frame, inner tent and fly sheet
- One Pump System allows complete erection with only one inflation procedure
- Stable and robust air frame IDG with geodesic structure
- The patented Multi-Chamber-Safety-System allows separation of the air frame in two independant air chambers - for emergency stability in case of a defect of one chamber
- Robust double layer air struts
- Two ventilation openings at the fly sheet which can be operated from inside the tent
- Two vestibules offer lots of space for your gear
- Both vestibules can be rolled up for a panorama view
- Light an well ventilated inner tent with no-see-um mesh and storage pockets
- Gear loft (pocket under the inner tent roof)
- Includes Pegs, Repair Kit, Guy Lines, Pack Sack, Pump Adapter, Gear Loft

- 1-2 Person Tent

- Weight 2,5 kg (5.5 lbs)

- Ground area 2,9 qm
- Overall height 133 cm
- Height of inner tent 112 cm
- Pack size 34 x 20 x 20 cm