Native Teenage Issue 04 Einhundert Diversity and Conformity

This item is unfortunately no longer available.
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Native Teenage brings to you their fourth release done together with Berlin's own, Einhundert.... more

Native Teenage brings to you their fourth release done together with Berlin's own, Einhundert. For this special project entitled: 'Einhundert: Diversity and Conformity', 10 Berlin Photographers were hand-picked, and each asked to showcase Berlin through a lovely and rich selection of photographs and collages. Featured contributors include: Johannes Boettge, Roberto Brundo, Felix VSOP, Nikki Powell, Henril Alm, Marie Luise Maier, Ed Phillips, Joanna Schröder, Daan Dam and Alexandra Bondi De Antoni.  Highly essential and collectible release.

'Diversity And Conformity. Two unstable magnitudes that bind a visual-driven culture. While the motivation on the concatenation of the following 100 pictures is to capture a indefinable collection of visual moments that have drawn the attention from 10 different individuals and photographers, the focus lies on the places they have been at the specific time this idea was born. By now this is Berlin.Diversity and conformity. Effect or affect? How are you, the viewer, affected by what you see? What is the effect? Which image are you attracted to the most? What are you drawn to and why is this appealing to you?Diversity and conformity. Subjective views turned into an objective analogue experience. Turn the pages, turn it around, close it, open it again and repeat. Its purpose is not to explain a process. It’s not to explain a cause. It’s a feeling that we try to envision, a feeling we try to evoke in the first instance and reproduce with each individual experience. Something tangible.EINHUNDERT pictures. EINHUNDERT views.Diversity And Conformity.'

- limited edition of 100
- full color
- 100 pages