Stone Island Dyneema Leather Boots

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Stone Island and ECCO team up to deliver the Garment Dyed Leather Exostrike with... more

Stone Island and ECCO team up to deliver the Garment Dyed Leather Exostrike with Dyneema. These trekking boots skilfully combine the experience of Stone Island with piece dyeing techniques and the ultra-modern technology of ECCO. Thanks to ECCO's experience in the treatment of leather goods, the leather of the upper material is laminated to a thin non-woven fabric made of Dyneema, the strongest and most durable light fiber in the world, in order to achieve an exceptionally high tensile strength. A high-strength nylon fabric completes the upper material. The upper and sole are located above and below an atomically profiled midsole. Then, with the help of ECCO's unique Fluidform technology, a cushioning polyurethane liquid, Phorene, is injected into the mold. When this liquid dries, it fuses the leather upper with the sole, creating an integral connection between the upper, midsole and sole.

- 100% Italian leather upper
- 100% nylon inner boot 
- embossed logo on front
- metal eyelets
- leather pull tab at heel
- made in EU with fabric by Dyneema

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