Stone Island Rain Camo Tactical Vest

This item is unfortunately no longer available.
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The Stone Island Rain Camo Tactical Vest features the seasonal camouflage, made with a... more

The Stone Island Rain Camo Tactical Vest features the seasonal camouflage, made with a thick Rain Camo print that hides an additional reflective print, visible when the garment is hit by the light. 

The tactical vest is made in a light, durable and abrasion resistant fabric composed of mechanically spun nylon. The nylon filaments are steamed during the spinning process to deliver a perception closer to organic fibers. Camouflage printed with reflective pigments and polyurethane polymers. The fabric is resin treated inside to achieve a mild wind and water resistance. Anti-drop treatment. The piece is quilted with an inner PrimaLoft® substrate, an exclusive blend of fibers with an ultra-thin diameter that lend exceptional insulating capacity.

Note: the reflective fabric in this item is delicate, so handle with care. Potential imperfections are due to its particular nature and it is subject to abrasions, scratches and wear in the most stresses areas. It can transfer colour, so avoid rubbing and contact with lighter colour surfaces. Avoid exposure to direct and intense light. Please carefully follow the wash and care instructions.

- 100% Polyamide / Nylon
- adjustable shoulder straps in heavy nylon tape, with magnetic buckles
- small patch chest pocket, with flap and snaps fastening
- two tightening heavy nylon tapes with Velcro fastening
- rounded front bottom hem
- on back, reflective print of the Stone Island logo
- made in Italy

Stone Island is excluded from all promotions!

Sizes: S M L XL
Armpit to armpit 53 56 59.5 63
Collar to hem 54 57 60 63

in centimeters, approx. values

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