Vans Vault Engineered Garments Era Gore VLT LX

This item is unfortunately no longer available.
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  • VN0000SNBLK
The Vault by Vans x Engineered Garments Gore Era draws deeply from Vans' core DNA, reimagining... more

The Vault by Vans x Engineered Garments Gore Era draws deeply from Vans' core DNA, reimagining the company's essence through the Engineered Garments lens. This model continues the asymmetrical theme from previous collaborations, taking inspiration from the mismatched look of young skaters who swapped shoes with their friends for an effortless cool.

Designer Daiki Suzuki selects familiar materials, incorporating standard smooth leather, canvas, and suede in a patchwork design across the shoes. What appears to be a simple shoe reveals hidden intricacy up-close, all without overt branding.

Taking advantage of Vault by Vans' emphasis on creative expression, Daiki added a new dimension to the Era, inserting an elastic gore beneath the tongue, allowing the wearer to choose between a laced up or slip-on look.

This collaboration celebrates Vans' foundation by contributing a uniquely Engineered Garments twist, providing a new perspective that only these two brands can offer. Available in Tan/White, Black/White and White/White.

- suede/leather/canvas upper
- custom branded ultracush insoles
- extra white laces
- vulcanised sole unit
- high rubber foxing
- classic waffle outsole
- limited edition


Sizing Vans Vault
7.0 6.0 39.5 25.0
7.5 6.5 40.0 25.5
8.0 7.0 40.5 26.0
8.5 7.5 41.0 26.5
9.0 8.0 42.0 27.0
9.5 8.5 42.5 27.5
10.0 9.0 43.0 28.0
10.5 9.5 44.0 28.5
11.0 10.0 44.5 29.0
11.5 10.5 45.0 29.5
12.0 11.0 46.0 30.0

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