Visvim Paratrooper Coat

This item is unfortunately no longer available.
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The Visvim  Paratrooper Coat is  made from high quality nylon cotton blend . The... more

The Visvim Paratrooper Coat is made from high quality nylon cotton blend. The coat is mud overdyed, a very unique process used by Visvim to create truly one of one garments. The vegetable dyeing technique originated from Japanese islands Amami-Oshima and Okinawa. Tree bark from the local Japanese hawthorn is boiled, and the resulting liquid is used to dye the garment. After the first dye, the garment is immersed in iron-rich mud from local rice paddies, which brings about a natural reaction with the iron ions to create a deep brown color. For this technique, a garment must be dyed over 30 times to achieve a light mud color, and over 100 times to a achieve a dark mud color.

- 84% nylon
- 16% cotton

- front zip closure
- Swiss riri® zippers 
- 6 pocket construction
- snap button attachment for neck gaiter
- adjustable drawstring for waist and hem
- snap button back pocket
- made in Japan

Japanese Sizing: 3 / L 4 / XL 5 / XL
Armpit to armpit 71 73 75
Armpit to cuff 58 59 60
Collar to hem 88 89 90

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