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  • 4910180290145
POPEYE magazine is the 'Magazine for City Boys'. The founders printed this on the cover of the... more

POPEYE magazine is the 'Magazine for City Boys'. The founders printed this on the cover of the magazine when it debuted in 1976. What's a 'city boy'? The term doesn't appear in the dictionary and no expert panel could define it. So we felt we should explore every aspect of what this 'city boy' might be. After decades of debate, it still makes for a topic of lively discussion. It can be a style or a way of thinking. To get an idea of what makes a city boy, read POPEYE magazine.

Popeye – Issue 921: Girlfriend

The year-end special feature on girlfriends is here again this year.
This special feature, now in its 10th edition, focuses on dating courses in Tokyo.
Crossing Setagaya Ward, visiting galleries in East Tokyo,
Walking around Tokyo Tower, an area that surprisingly many people have never been to,
Have you tried riding a helicopter or tuk tuk?
In addition, it is only during the year-end and New Year holidays when the sweet mood is exciting.
A special feature on delicious sweets.
Mio Imada appears on the cover!
Well, I'll be busy with dates this winter too!


- let's go on a special date this winter
- winter Tokyo date guide
- Setagaya_24-hour date across Setagaya Ward
- Kuramae_Date to get drunk on alcohol and art
- Yoyogi Park_One lap date by bicycle
- Omori_Romantic seaside town date
- surprisingly, you must have never visited there
- why not go on a date at a tourist attraction?
- it's my first time on a date like this!
- sunday morning
- Mio Imada
- thinking'aout gifts for her
- what should I do as a present for that child?

Popeye Magazine is in Japanese

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