Stone Island Shadow Project Heavy Compact Cotton Jacket

This item is unfortunately no longer available.
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Stone Island has engineered a new fabric, their Heavy Compact Cotton is a fabric composed of... more

Stone Island has engineered a new fabric, their Heavy Compact Cotton is a fabric composed of both nylon and cotton. Developed exclusively by Stone Island for Shadow Project, the standard fabric elements undergo a metamorphosis after they are put through the compact treatment process. The resulting fabric has an elevated level of rigidity due to the shrinking of the nylon fibers and a slight patina-like effect on the outer surface. A brushed cotton interior highlights unique dynamic between external density and the soft, optimally comfortable interior. Finally, an anti-drop formula is added for lasting protection against water and dirt. The jackets standing collar features brushed cotton lining and frontal and side nylon inlays hosting the slanting hand pockets with snap fastening. While the treatment process makes the jacket rigid and durable a contour cotton inlay on the sleeves allow ease of movement.

- 52% Polyamide 48% Polyamide primary
- 70% Cotton 30% Polyamide secondary fabric
- 100% Polyamide third fabric
- full double-slider zipper with reinforced snap buttons 
- foldable standing collar
- hand pockets with snap button closure
- panelled slanting nylon pockets and neck lining
- removable shoulder straps inside

Sizes: M L XL
Armpit to armpit 57 59 61
Armpit to cuff 61 62 63
Collar to hem 66 68 70

in centimeters, approx. values

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