Thunders War T-Shirt

Thunders War T-Shirt
This item is unfortunately no longer available.
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Thunders is the latest offering from prolific   London based designer and street... more

Thunders is the latest offering from prolific London based designer and street wear originator 'Barnzley’ Armitage. Original international Stussy Tribe member and radio show contributor to Know Wave. Barnzley was also founder of cult brands Zoltar the Magnificent, House 33, Special Needs and a Child of the Jago. Thunders is the new in-house brand of the London boutique of the same name. 

- premium 100% cotton construction
- graphic print on front  


Sizes: S M L XL
Armpit to armpit  49 51 53 55
Armpit to cuff 7 8 9 10
Collar to hem 72 73 74



in centimeters, approx. values

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