Visvim Subsequence Magazine Vol. 4

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The Visvim Subsequence Magazine Vol. 4 is full of enriched content, featuring more in depth... more

The Visvim Subsequence Magazine Vol. 4 is full of enriched content, featuring more in depth writing along with beautiful visuals of yet to be discovered cultures, as well as arts and crafts from around the world.

The opening essays were written by Kanako Nishi(author), Monique Kawecki(editor), Shohei Takagi(musician), Omori Katsumi(photographer). A special feature titled “Three Small Talks” will bring together Keiko Mori (Documentary Director) and Suzuko Yamada (Architect), Kathleen Reilly (Artist / Metal Worker) and Minori Shirotori (Manager of Gyokusendo), and Pico Iyer (Writer) and Yoshiko Nagai (Curator) an eclectic mix of individuals with a diverse set of commonalities for carefree conversation with no set themes.

Other features will include an interview with visvim’s Hiroki Nakamura, a report exploring the near 100-year history of traditional interior design company and store, Svenskt Tenn, as well as an article on the phantom craft of Ako Dantsu hailing from Ako City in Hyogo Prefecture.

Special separate 24 pages volume featuring a fashion story of visvim and WMV called “This is the Life,” by Stylist Stephen Mann.

The tagline of 'Subsequence' is 'Arts & Crafts for the Age of Eclectic.' This experimental project will cover a wide range of arts, crafts and cultures, inclusive to all ages, genders and nationalities, featuring both Japanese and international contributors.

Based on the guiding principle of unfolding new and untold stories from individual perspectives, Visvim aim to create a magazine in the spirit of passionate craftsmen and artisans who love their craft. Visvim offer these stories to anybody with an interest in living a creative life or immersing themselves in culture. We hope to publish stories that have been forgotten in recent years, and to provide a vehicle for readers to explore and experience new and undiscovered worlds.

- sadle stitch binding
- full color
- 156 pages
- text in english and japanese
- limited edition
- dimensions: 37 x 27 cm

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