Stone Island Shadow Project Rubberized Linen Parka

This item is unfortunately no longer available.
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Stone Island Shadow Project carries on about their ways and producing new innovative fabrics.... more

Stone Island Shadow Project carries on about their ways and producing new innovative fabrics. The Rubberized Linen Parka is coated in a polyurethane resin making for a unique feel and look. The water resistance is guaranteed thanks to the polyurethane resin, reinforced by the addition of a repellent active ingredient in the dye formula. To ensure maximum warmth this garment is padded with a PrimaLoft layer, and exclusive blend of ultra thin fibres providing exceptional insulating capacity. PrimaLoft is developed to stay drier even when wet. It delivers the highest warmth-to-weight ratio of all synthetic insulations. The detachable hood is made of a padded quilt and has a detachable moleskin visor bonded by velcro tapes. The full body zip is reinforced with snap buttons ensure its premium down padding keeps you warm all winter.

- 100% linen outer
- 100% polyamide lining
- 100% polyester filling
- polyurethanic resin coating
- primaloft padding
- 2 hand pockets
- chest zip pocket
- detachable hood
- velcro adjust sleeves
- interior harness 
- anti-drop finish
- water and stain repellent
- attachable to other Stone Island Shadow Project outerwear products 

Sizes: M L XL
Chest 60 61 62
Armpit to cuff 48 49 50
Collar to hem


95 96

in centimeters, approx. values

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