Stone Island Oxford 3L Hat

This item is unfortunately no longer available.
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This garment is made of two three layers performance fabrics.  A light opaque nylon and a... more

This garment is made of two three layers performance fabrics. A light opaque nylon and a more consistent oxford weaved nylon. Both fabrics are laminated to a breathable, water and wind resistant membrane, protected by an imperceptible polyester base. The Dust colour treatment provides a veil of pigments on the surface of the finished pieces for a three-dimensional effect that is unique and unrepeatable to each garment. The addition of a special agent to the process makes the piece anti-drop.

- 100% Polyamide primary fabric
- 100% Membrana Polyurethanic resin second fabric
- 100% Polyester interior fabric
- embroidered tonal logo
- netted mesh interior
- snap buttons on back

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