Dr. Martens Alpha Industries 1460 Ben

This item is unfortunately no longer available.
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The Dr. Martens x Alpha Industries 1460 Ben boot gets a modern workwear upgrade with Smooth... more

The Dr. Martens x Alpha Industries 1460 Ben boot gets a modern workwear upgrade with Smooth leather and Nylon across the upper with an added sleeve pocket on the ankle.

Both Dr. Martens and Alph Industries are born in the same era, both born of purpose. With foundations entrenched in workwear. From the first 1460 boot rolling off the production line to the original Alpha Industries MA-1 flight jacket, the 60s were only the start of both brands’ journeys.

Since the Alpha Industries MA-1 became the flight jacket of the US Air Force in the early 60s, its durable, versatile descendants have been adopted by youth subcultures globally. Today, the jacket is still manufactured to its original military specifications, defined by its bright reversible lining and utility pockets.

We wouldn’t be anywhere without our origins. So, when the new designs were crafted, Dr. Martens and Alph Industries dug into their shared history to engineer a collection that celebrates the hardworking spirit both brands are known for – and the wearers who made us who they are. A reminder to stay authentic. And own your moment.

- smooth leather and nylon upper
- removable Alpha Industries pull tab
- red and black laces included
- sleeve pocket on the ankle
- yellow welt stitching

Sizing Dr. Martens
7.0 6.0 39.0 24.5
7.5 6.5 40.0 25.0
8.0 7.0 41.0 25.5
8.5 7.5 41.5 25.75
9.0 8.0 42.0 26.0
9.5 8.5 42.5 26.5
10.0 9.0 43.0 27.0
10.5 9.5 44.0 27.5
11.0 10.0 45.0 28.0
11.5 10.5 45.5 28.5
12.0 11.0 46.0 29.0

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