Lodown Vandals Magazine

Lodown Vandals Magazine
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New Publicaton by Berlin's own Lodown entitled, 'Vandals'. ?? VANDALS ?? by Lodown... more

New Publicaton by Berlin's own Lodown entitled, 'Vandals'. ?? VANDALS ?? by Lodown Magazine is an artistic exploration of how to do things differently and civil disobedience. Highlights inclde

- JOHN DIVOLA ... As he nears 70, the legendary LA-based artist might have quit speaking in the abandoned buildings, but his act of vandalism still feels irritatingly fresh after forty years.

- DAVE RIMMER ... The former British music journalist and smash hits! editor talked about his forgotten masterpiece? Once Upon A Time In The East ??, in which he tells true tales about mischief in West / East Berlin before the Wall came down - his classic? Eastie Boys ?? prank included.

- HARIS NUKEM ... The famous photographer just had a solo show titled Humans ?? at the NR Project art space London in late summer, proving once again that good vibes ?? is a very flexible expression, as the majority of his or her portraits are concerned. -

plus more elaborate features and visual awesomeness from the likes of: ERIC BRUNETTI, KIDULT, MATIAS AGUAYO, SUPER DARK TIMES, DANIEL BUREN, SpY, GHOST, JELLE KEPPENS, BOBBY HUNDREDS and many others.

- 'Vandals' by Lodown Magazine
- full color
- english text
- limtied edition